There's no end to the ways in which cars can be customised, and when we talk about amazing ones, it's usually to do with the car's performance or its looks. One very impressive modification we've seen recently however, is to allow wheelchair users to actually drive a vehicle without ever having to get out of the chair.

The UK's Motability scheme, which helps disabled people get out on the road, has teamed up with Peugeot and made the Bipper Teepee driveable from a wheelchair. The car is a cross between a mini MPV and a van, with a ramp at the back. The driver can open the back, lower the ramp, and go through the car to the front, where there is a specially modified driving position to accommodate them. It’s pretty impressive, and means that those who could not normally get out of their chair and into the seat can now go wherever they want, whenever they want.

wheelchair cars

The car also has a variety of configuration options, so that it can carry another wheelchair passenger or a standard chair. Should the need arise, a chair can also be fitted to the driving position for even more flexibility. You can find wheelchair adapted vehicles at Allied Mobility, who supply a great range of vehicles accredited to the Motability scheme. While there are many cars that can accommodate a wheelchair, this is the first we’ve seen that can actually let them drive.

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