Porsche has a long and rich history of making some of the world's most iconic and desirable sports cars. From the legendary 356 to the modern 911, Porsche has always been at the forefront of design, performance, and innovation. But what if Porsche decided to pay homage to its roots and create a modern interpretation of its first sports car, the 356? What if they combined the classic lines and proportions of the original with the latest technology and engineering? What if they made a pure, simple, and exhilarating car to drive?

Porsche Vision 357 Speedster

That's exactly what Porsche did with the Porsche Vision 357 Speedster Concept, a stunning concept car that was revealed in July 2023 as part of Porsche's Vision series of futuristic design studies. The Vision 357 Speedster is a tribute to the 356, the car that started it all for Porsche back in 1948. The 356 was a lightweight, rear-engined, two-seater sports car that offered superb handling, agility, and fun. It was also a successful racing car, winning numerous events and championships around the world.

The Porsche Vision 357 Speedster takes inspiration from the 356 but updates it for the 21st century. It is based on the platform of the Porsche Taycan, Porsche's first all-electric sports car that debuted in 2019. The Vision 357 Speedster uses the same electric drivetrain as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, which delivers a whopping 750 horsepower and 774 pound-feet of torque. The Vision 357 Speedster can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 161 mph.

But unlike the Taycan, which is a four-door sedan with a sleek and futuristic design, the Vision 357 Speedster is a two-door roadster with a retro and minimalist design. It has a low and wide stance, a long hood, a short rear deck, and a chopped windshield. It has round headlights, a simple grille, and a prominent Porsche badge on the front. It has muscular fenders, side air intakes, and a rear diffuser. It has no roof, no doors, no windows, and no mirrors. It has only two seats, a steering wheel, pedals, and a digital instrument cluster.

Porsche Vision 357 Speedster

The Porsche Vision 357 Speedster is designed to be a driver's car, one that offers pure driving pleasure and emotion. It is not meant to be practical or comfortable; it is meant to be exhilarating and engaging. It is meant to evoke the spirit of the original 356, which was also a simple and fun car to drive.

The Vision 357 Speedster is not just a concept car but also a limited-edition production car that will be available for sale in late 2023. Porsche will only make 356 units of the Vision 357 Speedster, each priced at $1 million. The buyers can customize their cars with different colors, wheels, and interior options. They will also receive a special edition watch from Porsche Design that matches their car.

Porsche Vision 357 Speedster

The Porsche Vision 357 Speedster is a rare and exclusive car that celebrates Porsche's heritage and future. It is a car that combines the best of both worlds: the classic beauty and charm of the 356 with the modern power and technology of the Porsche Taycan. It is a car that honors Porsche's past while looking ahead to its future. It is a car worthy of being called the ultimate tribute to the first sports car.


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