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Naran Automotive published the first images and technical information about its first hypercar. Naran Automotive's hypercar uses a twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine that generates 1048 hp and a maximum torque of 1036 Nm. Oddly, the name of the hypercar is Naran. The power is sent to all four wheels, but you can choose to drive it only on the rear wheels. Usually, hypercars… Read more

Sun, 11/29/2020 - 13:34 in

Naran cars


Naran Automotive

Lamborghini gave a brand new Huracan Evo to the Bologna "Guglielmo Marconi" airport, as a "Follow Me" vehicle. Different from the previous airport guide cars with simpler colors, this Lamborghini Huracan EVO supercar wears traditional blue - white - red symbolizing the flag of Italy. This is an interesting highlight for car enthusiasts coming to Bologna airport. The… Read more

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 15:59 in

luxury sports cars


Italian design

Cars tend to retain some value no matter what. Even junk cars Concord NC that are no longer drivable can be scrapped and sold for parts. However, race cars that are preserved in pristine condition tend to not only retain value but gain it over time. These cars are valued for their speed, their sleek beauty, and their history. They are a symbol of prestige for those that can afford to buy them. If… Read more

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 13:43 in

Ferrari Cars


Mercedes-Benz Cars

McLaren will reveal the new supercar 650S at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. McLaren 650S is powered by an M838T twin-turbo V8 engine which It is capable of delivering 650 horsepower. According to the official press release distributed by McLaren, the new supercar can run from 0-100 km / h in exactly 3 seconds; from 0-200 km / h in 8.4 seconds, while top speed stops at 333 km / h… Read more

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 15:20 in

McLaren Cars


McLaren 650S

The new sports coupe Icona Vulcano is the first car that the newly established company from China proposed to millionaires. Icona Vulcano stunned the audience with a good design and a bold personality. Icona Vulcano Not only the good looks of the car will draws passionates millionaires attention, but also the technical package. The Icona Vulcano combine a noble… Read more

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 18:32 in

2013 Icona


Icona cars

Aston Martin has revealed the luxurious and powerful iconic Sports GT car, DB9. Aston Martin DB9 provides the British luxury sports car maker the perfect chance to further improve the charm of its mainstay in the GT sector, with important improvements touching design inside and out.Aston Martin DB9Aston Martin DB9 adopts an supple, fluid and pure form fetching a… Read more

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 17:52 in

Aston Martin Cars


2013 Aston

2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Coupe - Estimate: £370,000-£390,000 - 612 bhp, 6,898 cc naturally-aspirated V12 engine with dual overhead camshafts, six-speed sequential manual gearbox with paddle-shift operation, independent front and rear suspension with double wishbones, pushrod-actuated coil springs and shock absorbers, and four-wheel ventilated, anti-lock carbon-fibre disc brakes. Wheelbase: 105.… Read more

Fri, 09/25/2009 - 11:21 in

Mercedes-Benz Cars


Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

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