Naran Automotive published the first images and technical information about its first hypercar. Naran Automotive's hypercar uses a twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine that generates 1048 hp and a maximum torque of 1036 Nm. Oddly, the name of the hypercar is Naran. The power is sent to all four wheels, but you can choose to drive it only on the rear wheels.

Usually, hypercars have their engines positioned above the rear axle, but Naran has positioned the propulsion unit behind the front axle. Naran needs 2.3 seconds to get from 0 to 96 km / h and the top speed is 370 km / h.

Naran hypercar

The Naran hypercar has 22-inch wheels and a series of technical components borrowed from the world of GT3 racing. Naran Automotive has not yet revealed the curb weight of the Hyper-Coupé. However, it shouldn't be too high, because the body consists of composite materials based on carbon fibre and flax.

Naran Automotive claims that the target price for the new hypercar is one million euros, but customers are invited to pay extra for a wide range of accessories if they want additional customization. Each copy will not only have a unique outfit but also a name wanted by its customer.

Production will be limited to only 49 units, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in July 2021.

Naran hypercar

Jowyn Wong has done the design, and he is behind the lines on Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72.

Naran Automotive is a manufacturer founded by businessman Ameerh Naran, who was born in Zimbabwe and also has Indian citizenship.

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