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Shelby Cobra 427 - 50th Anniversary

Shelby American is celebrating the 50th birthday of the iconic car Cobra with a limited-edition model.

This Shelby Cobra 427 50th Anniversary differs from normal production by offering a body either aluminum or carbon fiber. Cobras built out of carbon fiber can only be ordered in Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon white stripes, while cars manufactured out of aluminum are offered in the above-mentioned blue or in polished aluminum.

Shelby Cobra 427Shelby Cobra 427

"The big block Shelby Cobra changed the way the world viewed American manufacturers when Carroll Shelby introduced it in January of 1965," explained Jon Conway, Shelby's co-CEO.

Shelby Cobra 427Shelby Cobra 427

Set to debut at the Barrett-Jackson auction the commemorative Cobra will be limited to just 50 examples. The Shelby Cobra 427 limited-edition will cost $120k.

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