With the new "Power-Up" wireless technology, Ford can easily and conveniently ensure that the car is continuously updated with the latest quality improvements and latest features. Ford technology makes these software updates automatic. In other words, customers should not raise a finger.

Software updates are already part of everyday life across billions of devices, but not yet as widespread for cars. Ford's Power-Up technology will change that. We have invested heavily in wireless technology so that updates happen automatically while you sleep - so your driving experience advances overnight, making your driving experience even better and more pleasant.

The more than six million Ford Mustang Mach-E clients in Europe will be the first to experience the benefits of the new technology. With the help of the technology, Ford becomes wiser both on the individual customer's driving preferences, but also on any challenges with the car; a knowledge that Ford applies to make continuous improvements through the 'Power-Up' technology.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Many wireless updates (OTAs) are installed without customers noticing. They are activated by a technical platform that installs the new software in the background without interfering with customers' driving. The same applies when the software used has an update. Today, for example, most customers experience how to actively set up their mobile phones to download the latest updates when their apps need to be updated. Ford will be the only automaker where these updates happen completely automatically.

Updates that require the car to stand still can be planned so that they take place when the customer finds it most convenient. For example, the customer can choose to have regular updates at night, when the car is not used anyway but stays at home in the carport.

It's the second generation of Ford's infotainment system that underpins Ford's unique and wireless 'Power-Up' software updates. The technology makes it possible to update computer modules in almost all Ford models, and not just entertaining features that apply to other brands. With 'Power-Up' technology, Ford will be able to continuously deliver new functions to customers' cars for many years to come.

In Europe, the technology is already integrated into the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV and shortly, Ford will continuously publish which other Ford models will also profit from the wireless updates.

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