Answers to Your Top Questions About These Modern Car Dealerships

Given the shortage of cars on the market, it might seem like it makes more sense to invest in a good pair of walking shoes and a bus pass before shopping for a used car. Especially when you have zero or bad credit. Don’t tighten up your laces just yet, because buy here pay here dealerships have reliable used vehicles for everyone - even you!

What Is a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership?

Buy here, pay here dealerships offer in-house financing for people with zero or poor credit, but have enough monthly income to make a payment on a used car. They aren’t interested in the nitty gritty of your credit history report, and don’t care if you’ve hit a few financial bumps in the road.

Most buy here, pay here dealerships only require a few items to approve financing for a used car, too. For instance, you might only need a current paycheck stub, proof of residence, and a valid driver’s license, and you could drive off the lot in a nearly new car the very same day you enter the used car lot. 

How Are Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Different From Traditional Car Dealerships?

The story behind buy here, pay here dealerships is one-of-a-kind. In the 1970s, the United States was going through a terrible savings and loan crisis. As our economy shifted from manufacturing to a more service-based industry, many Americans lost their jobs and struggled to obtain car financing.

Traditional car dealerships were saddled with used vehicles they couldn’t sell, and more and more Americans were getting denied by banks for auto loans. That’s when buy here, pay here dealerships stepped in to save the day, and said “no” to big banks combing through your credit history and rejecting your credit applications for the smallest reasons.  

Now, Americans everywhere with zero or bad credit qualify for car finance through buy here, pay here dealerships, because of their in-house financing.

Do Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Have Quality Cars?

You can absolutely find high-quality buy here, pay here used cars at a reputable dealership. That’s because buy here, pay here dealerships aren’t limited to selling just a few brands, or cars that are only a year or two old. 

As long as a pre-owned vehicle passes a buy here, pay here dealership’s meticulous inspection, it’s ready for you to purchase and take home. From energy-saving compact cars to family-friendly SUVs, a buy here, pay here dealership has the affordable vehicle you need to get on the road.

In fact, you can find affordable used cars at buy here, pay here dealerships that feature top-notch auto technology. Buy a used SUV with an infotainment center, or drive away in a comfortable sedan that has a remote start.

I Heard Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Have Terrible Customer Service - Is that True?

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had an encounter with a shady used car salesperson or two. However, buy here, pay here dealerships are normally small and locally owned. This means you’re more likely to see a friendly and familiar face when you walk into a buy here, pay here dealership.

People who work at buy here, pay here dealerships are just like you, and know it’s hard to maintain a picture-perfect credit score. They’ll listen to your needs and do their best to match you with a used car that suits your needs and your budget. 

Plus, they’ll make payments easy, too. Most buy here, pay here dealerships allow you to make your payment online or through the phone. Though, you might make your salesperson’s day by stopping by in person to have a quick chat while you make your payment. 

There are many happy customers that return to buy here, pay here dealerships to replace a used car they bought from the same dealership years ago, or two buy another car for their family or a new driver.

Is Buy Here, Pay Here Financing Right For Me?

Buy here, pay here in-house financing is for almost everyone! If you have a steady income and can comfortably handle the monthly payment for your used vehicle, you’ll most likely be approved for buy here, pay here car financing. 

However, finding and financing a car is a personal choice, and should never be based on financing approval. Make sure you double-check your budget to be certain you can afford insurance payments, routine maintenance on your vehicle, gas, and all the other monthly bills you need to pay to have a happy and comfortable life.

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