Practical Tips When Buying Chaps for Her

If you love taking your girlfriend on a motorcycle ride or dirt biking ride, don’t leave her legs unprotected. You should not just give her a helmet, you should ask her to wear some ladies motorcycle chaps as well. Chaps is a piece of leather clothing commonly worn by cowboys and motorcycle enthusiasts to protect their legs from possible accidents or injuries.

Pros of Wearing Chaps

Chaps are worn on top of jeans. Motorcycle riders and horseback riders wear it to protect their legs. The thick leather can protect motorcycle riders from an accidental burn with their motorcycle’s engine. If you are going on a long ride, it will also protect your jeans from filth and dirt.

What to Consider When Buying Chaps?

Before ordering chaps for your girlfriend in preparation to that long ride that you are both dreaming of, you should check the following:

  • Find her leg size or pant size
  • Ask her if she prefers a jean style (full chaps) or a half chaps that looks like a boot
  • Check the weight of the chaps
  • Would you go for chaps with a pocket or no pocket
  • Would you give her a cowboy styled chaps or a jeans style chaps
  • Would you go for snaps or zippers for closure

What Other Features of Chaps to Look For?

At one glance, all ladies chaps might look the same but once you take a closer look, you would know that these chaps are different from one another in terms of feature. If your girlfriend has a large size, get her chaps with stretchable panel thigh to make it more comfortable while wearing it. You should also consider the quality of the zippers attached to the chaps.

Look for chaps with adjustable waist. If you are ordering online and you cannot ask your girlfriend to test it, chaps with adjustable waist is highly recommended. Also look for chaps with an unfinished bottom that allows trimming and correction.

For more options when it comes to ladies motorcycle chaps, you can ask your friends for recommendations such as online stores to buy it from.

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