At the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, the new Volkswagen Touareg in a camouflaged variant is logging its last test miles. Images of the camouflaged prototype reveal the first technological features, even though an enlarged QR code still conceals the design modifications.

You can see the newly designed IQ LIGHT HD matrix headlights up front and the specifics of a new LED light strip that is integrated between them. HD is an abbreviation for "High Definition," which refers to a very high resolution. This refers to a field of over 38,000 micro-LEDs, each emitting a pinpoint of light. They effectively increase visibility without blinding oncoming drivers, transforming night into day. Each side's new headlights use 19,200 micro-LED bulbs.

The Matrix technology eases nighttime driving by projecting an interactive carpet of light into the lane. The carpet of lights also makes it easier to navigate through congested highway constructions.

The new Volkswagen Touareg, the company's debut vehicle, features an illuminated emblem on the trunk. The red-illuminated VW logo has been officially approved for European usage as of January 2023. In the past, markets like China and the United States were the only ones to permit the illuminated logo.

Volkswagen Touareg

The chassis of this premium SUV, which is always four-wheel drive, has been refined by Volkswagen. With the introduction of a roof load sensor wired into the chassis electronics, the vehicle's maneuverability is improved when there is no cargo on top. However, if a roof box is installed, the sensor picks up on this and alerts other systems, like ESC, to improve driving steadiness.

The base steel spring chassis and the optional air suspension have been fine-tuned to provide the best possible ride quality and responsive handling.

The "Innovision Cockpit" is a standard feature in the Touareg. The central touchscreen (diagonal: 38.1 cm or 15 inches), the multifunctional steering wheel, and analog elements like the volume control in the center console allow for easy navigation.

With its "Innovision Cockpit," the new Volkswagen Touareg provides several valuable features. Improvements have also been made to voice control. Smartphones and "App Connect" (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto) allow for wireless app integration. Customer feedback was taken into account to make further improvements to the outstanding quality, like making the armrests and center console panels softer.

So, the new Volkswagen Touareg is just one more way that Volkswagen caters to its customers' preferences. The revisions make the Volkswagen Touareg a modern SUV suitable for long trips and regular use.

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