Winter is coming, and it will be full of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Now the new Jeep 4x4 SUV can show how safe, efficient and fun it is to drive in any environment; it depends on how bad the weather will be and how slippery the roads will be.

Thanks to the 4x4 plug-in hybrid technology, which was first introduced on the Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass 4x4 and then on the iconic Jeep Wrangler and the soon-to-be-released Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can drive a Jeep SUV through the winter with more peace of mind, both on snow-covered city streets and on longer distances to get to mountain resorts.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Thanks to the new four-wheel drive, the 4x4 models can keep up with the 4x4 performance of the internal combustion versions but also improve on it, giving them the grip they need to move safely on snow or ice. What is it? The 4x4 traction system is based on a combination of an internal combustion engine and electric propulsion. This gives the car more torque than a traditional internal combustion car and makes it possible to control it with great precision when starting and driving in four-wheel drive mode, which requires a low gear ratio.

4xe identifies and emphasizes the brand's core values, starting with the freedom to "go anywhere and do anything" thanks to the "full electric" driving mode. This is in line with the brand's DNA, which is the freedom to explore every route without worry, even in the winter. Using plug-in hybrid technology, the Jeep 4x4 SUVs have all the benefits of zero emissions in electric mode and the performance and safety of 4-wheel drive on all types of terrain.

Jeep Renegade

4x4 technology is the first step toward freedom from pollution, and the market has shown that it likes this idea: in 2021, Jeep was the top brand of LEVs (low-emission vehicles) in Italy. One of every five Italians who buy a low-emission car chooses a Jeep 4x4 SUV. This has been true for a long time, not just the 4x4. 

The e-Hybrid versions of the Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass mean that 70% of Jeep SUVs sold in Italy have some electric powertrain and can be ordered immediately. The Jeep Avenger, the first model from the brand that is 100% electric, made its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. The new SUV is fun and exciting and has a concentration of freedom. It is made for people with an active lifestyle who want a 100% Jeep vehicle with small dimensions, high-tech features, and an electric range of up to 550 km in the city to go anywhere. 

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Avenger has a new electric drive system comprising a new electric motor and a new battery. Because of its high power and torque, as well as the way the electric propulsion unit is configured, the new Avenger is a lot of fun to drive both on and off the road. Indeed, the Jeep Avenger's urban mission does not allow for any compromises: the Avenger has typical Jeep performance in a small package, allowing you to feel safe in any weather. It comes standard with Selec-Terrain Systems and Hill Descent Control, which, along with the wide approach and departure angles and high ground clearance, give it an off-road capability that is unmatched in the segment. 

You can also get the Jeep Avenger with a 100 HP 1.2 turbo petrol engine.

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