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Have you prepared your car for long journeys?

The Easter vacation is almost here - have you prepared your car for long journeys? If you have to go to the sea, mountains or other resorts to spend the free days, you do not have to overlook the preparation of the car, so that everything goes well and there are no unexpected problems on the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

First of all, it is advisable not to go on the road with tires that have reached the maximum wear level. If you need new tires, better change them before you leave. At high temperatures, tires are extremely demanding, and for a long journey, you need the highest level of safety. Also, do not forget the tire pressure, which is very important both in the short and long term to protect the tires. Obviously, analyze the spare wheel, which must have the optimum pressure recommended by the car manufacturer.

The liquid level is another aspect that you need to check. The first step is the visual one. Check for leaks - check if traces of liquids are visible underneath the machine. Keep in mind that the oil level is essential for good engine performance, so feel free to check it and fill it up to the optimum level if needed. Do not forget to check carefully if the coolant and brake fluid are between the minimum and maximum and do not forget to fill the windscreen washer fluid.

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The braking system may be checked. The distances are long, the temperatures are high and the cars are fully loaded. Therefore, do not go with used brake pads. Better change them. It does not cost much. If necessary, do the same for brake discs if their wear is high.

Do not forget to check carefully whether the lighting system is working properly and that all bulbs light up. It is essential for your safety and those on board. Even if you have spare bulbs with you, you should know that some of these are quite difficult to change depending on the make and model of the car.

The air conditioning system is an important comfort feature because you can not drive many hours at high temperatures without it running. Check all its functions, and if the air is not cold enough go to a specialized workshop to refill the freon. Wipers are also important, so change them if it does not clean the windscreen properly. At high speeds, in the rain, good visibility is essential for safety.

If you go to other countries, take time to study the legislation and rules specific to the area where you are going. Keep an eye on the speed limits, the alcohol level you are allowed to drive, and the obligation to have or not the reflective vest inside the car. All fines are very high, go prepared.

You can rely on navigation applications such as Google Maps or Waze, but it's good to look at the route in advance. Study the route carefully, check the alternatives and choose the best option for you. Aso set the navigation system in advance and learn important intermediate points in case of emergency.

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