In 2022, BMW M GmbH will turn 50 years old. As a taste of some of the upcoming birthday gifts, the concept car BMW Concept XM is now on display. When the final version rolls out towards the end of next year, it will be the most powerful series-produced BMW M model ever - with DNA from both the past and the future.

BMW M GmbH is behind several of BMW's most iconic models. For many BMW fans, the M models are the very core of pure driving pleasure. Therefore, the BMW Concept XM is now on display carries a strong legacy and commitment as it is guaranteed to challenge in the same areas.

The production model BMW XM will be the first self-produced BMW M model since the legendary BMW M1 50 years ago. With its size, design, and driveline, one can say that the differences could hardly have been greater.

BMW Concept XM

The BMW Concept XM represents a complete redefinition of the high-performance segment. It emphasizes BMW M GmbH's ability to break established conventions and push boundaries to offer fans the ultimate driving experience. The concept also shows how we are approaching step-by-step electrification of the BMW M.

BMW Concept XM shows that BMW M GmbH is taking a distinctive path in the luxury segment. The car's exterior is both bold and extroverted and reflects the car's exceptional performance and dynamics. Furthermore, the newly developed M Hybrid drive system in the BMW Concept XM combines the power of a V8 petrol engine and a powerful electric motor, with a total maximum power of 750 hp and a torque of 1000 Nm.

With an electric range of up to 80 km, this will be the first rechargeable hybrid from the BMW M - and a strong signal that technology and philosophy for electrification go hand in hand in the time ahead.

BMW Concept XM

The BMW Concept XM measures 5110 mm in length, 2000 mm in width (2192 mm with mirror), 1733 mm in height, and rolls on 23-inch rims. The largest market for the BMW XM will, without a doubt, be the SUV's home country, the USA. Here The BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M are already among the most popular M models.

In addition to the difference in the driveline, the BMW XM has a far more extroverted and individual exterior and interior design. It is a car that will love to be in the spotlight, just like the highly extroverted target audience it is designed to appeal to.

It has been a short time since BMW presented the BMW's Vision Circular - a vision of how a car in 2040 can be produced with only secondary raw materials. All-electric BMW iX and BMW i4 are rolling out on the roads these days, and next year they will be joined by more and more all-electric siblings.

BMW is no stranger to daring to provoke. The company's history is full of examples that show that the company goes its way with some models. At the turning point of the BMW M's electric future, cars like the BMW XM will be bridge builder. It will show what is possible when combining mechanics and electronics in new dimensions.

BMW Concept XM

With the all-electric BMW i4 M50, BMW has already shown what is possible when "BMW meets BMW M." But, of course, it does not stop there. In the future, you can also expect more own models from BMW M GmbH, in addition to the BMW XM. And, the first all-electric BMW M high-performance model is, of course, to be expected.

The BMW XM only comes as a plug-in hybrid and exclusively as an M model.

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