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Vespa Club celebrates 70 years of passion

At the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera Vespa celebrated the birthday of the Club born in 1949.

Passione Vespa, a highly successful Italian icon, love that led to the creation and spread of the first spontaneous clubs in all of Italy in the name of love for this legendary two-wheeler and then materialized in 1949 with the foundation of the Vespa Club Italia in Viareggio.

It had only been three years since the Vespa was launched on the market, but the vehicle had really revolutionized every aspect of the mobility of those times, moving, traveling and meeting on board the highly successful two-wheeler was really fantastic and meant freedom, more usability of spaces, simpler social relationships.

Vespa Club celebrates 70 years of passion

Vespa Piaggio was immediately becoming a grandiose phenomenon that would have characterized different eras by uniting different and distant peoples and cultures and different generations in a single passion. Last weekend at the Piaggio Museum the Piaggio Foundation celebrated the very moment that marked the beginning of the Vespa association phenomenon. That special moment when all the Italian Vespa Clubs got together and founded a single body.

Enthusiasts from all regions arrived in Pontedera, there were more than 200 Vespas belonging to any age representing as many clubs. The iconic two-wheelers traveled the same route that the founding members made 70 years ago.

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