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"Don't drink and drive" Lotus print ads

The "Dont' drink and drive" Lotus print ads were launched during the spring festival in China.

Lotus wanted to launch a series of print ads to remind people how serious it is not to drink and drive.

In China the use of any obvious elements implying alcohol is limited in advertising campaigns, so the creative directors at Serviceplan China had to find a smart idea to show the impact of drinking without showing alcohol. In order to represent visually the hazards of drink driving without showing alcohol, the print ads featured jumbled up sentences with subtle misplaced characters in Chinese, to let customers realize that even if you see the mistake, you may not notice it when under the influence of alcohol.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, China
Chief Creative Officer: Chong Kin
Associate Creative Director: Sun Zhen
Copywriter: Ai Yu
Art Directors: Song Sijia, Chen Kunying, Zhou Yaohui

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