People often select an automobile they feel is appropriate to their generation or lifestyle. In designing the Skydeck, Honda transcended these traditional boundaries to create an automobile appealing to people of a wider range of ages and lifestyles. Powered by a hybrid system and featuring compact, flexible packaging, the Skydeck is perfect for transporting people and the things that make people’s lives more fun. With an exterior design that is both distinctive and functional, this new kind of hybrid vehicle leaves behind the concepts of the past. It’s the car for a freer and more enjoyable way of life.

Honda Skydeck

A low floor and low center of gravity for next-generation hybrid packaging

The packaging of the Skydeck features a low floor, a low center of gravity and a compact, lightweight and efficient hybrid system positioned within the center tunnel. Thanks to these elements and a layout featuring independent seats in the second row, the interior of the Skydeck is exceptionally roomy and comfortable.

An aerodynamic exterior for sporty styling and environmental performance

Unifying form and function with a sporty and clean design concept, the Skydeck’s exterior styling appeals to every generation of driver and helps provide the outstanding fuel economy expected of a hybrid. Underneath, the body features a low and wide stance with an aerodynamic form; on top, its one-motion f low complements the expansive windows and sweeping roof. The overall impression is fresh, open and advanced.

An interior offering the finest in both exhilaration and utility

While providing exceptional comfort, the six seats of the Skydeck are slender and sporty, contributing to the open, roomy feel of the interior. The second-row seats are motorized, enabling them to slide under the seats in front of them, making it easy to get in and out of the 3rd-row seating. In addition, the slender design of the thirdrow seats allows them to lie flat against the floor. When the four rear seats are stowed, the Skydeck offers a large, flat area for convenient, high-utility cargo transport.

Advanced features—fun plus functionality

The Skydeck features scissor doors in front and offset sliding doors in the rear. The next-generation instrument panel features an easy-touse, visually intuitive interface for more enjoyable driving.[via: Honda]

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