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The new Ford Puma ST with 200Hp arrives in Europe

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The new Ford Puma ST brings for the first time the famous driving characteristics from Ford Performance in the compact SUV segment in Europe. Puma ST is designed to deliver just as much driving pleasure and performance as any other ST model, while being as flexible and practical as the standard version of the Puma.

Ford Puma ST's 1.5-liter EcoBoost petrol engine has a power output of 200 hp and accelerates to 0‑100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. The compact SUV's optimized chassis has a specially designed torsion bar, anti-roll bar and Hitachi’s Two-Tube Shock Absorbers. The steering response is 25 percent faster and the brakes 17 percent higher than the standard Puma model. The new Puma ST also has as much as 50% more torsional rigidity than a standard Puma.

2021 Ford Puma ST

Ford Puma ST delivers maximum power at 6000 rpm. Maximum torque of 320 Nm when you reach between 2500 rpm and 3500 rpm. This contributes to a fast acceleration and improved response. Specially developed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, together with an optimized chassis and damping, provide the roughest driving experience in an SUV from Ford to date.

The brakes are also optimized for an ST driving experience. While the front brake discs with their 324 mm are 17% larger in diameter than in the regular Puma, the rear brake discs are 271 mm.

Performance enhancements and aggressive design are complemented by innovative features, including Local Hazard Information technology and the innovative Ford MegaBox, which provides 80 liters of additional storage space for increased ergonomics.

Ford Puma ST

Ford Puma ST is the first small SUV in Europe to be offered with a limited slip mechanical differential which optimizes front-wheel drive to increase cornering capacity and minimize understeer, especially when cornering. The limited slip mechanical differential option works with Torque Vectoring Control, which improves tread grip and reduces understeer by applying braking force to the inner front wheel when cornering. The balance between the two features has been optimized by Ford Performance to allow a better level of control on dry and wet surfaces.

The Puma ST is offered with the same six-speed manual transmission with smooth shift, like the one on the Fiesta ST. The transmission ratio of Puma ST's steering gear is 11.4: 1, which is almost 25 percent faster than Puma's standard model.

2021 Ford Puma ST

The selectable Drive Modes system is the key to Puma ST's versatility:

Normal mode, the engine setting, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), exhaust sound and electronically assisted power steering (EPAS) are configured to provide a natural response and a sense of connection to the car.

Eco mode, the engine setting and accelerator pedal response are adjusted to ensure greater fuel efficiency.

Sport mode, the engine setting and accelerator pedal response are sharper, and the EPAS configuration is adjusted to provide more feedback and finer control for sporty driving on the road. The active valve opens and the ESE is adapted to enhance the sporty sound of the exhaust and engine in the passenger compartment. Sport mode is accessible by simply pressing a dedicated button on the steering wheel.

- Track mode, all dynamic car systems are set to achieve record lap times, traction control is disabled, and ESC interventions are relaxed to facilitate ultra-sporty running on the track.

Fuel efficiency and CO2 data  will be published closer to the date of sale. Sales of the Ford Puma ST small SUV will begin  at the end of September and the first cars will arrive at the beginning of 2021.

The new Ford Puma ST is produced in Craiova, Romania.

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