Traveling by car is one of the most common ways to get around town. But if you live in a major metropolitan area, commuting by car can come with a number of hassles, including traffic, expensive parking and high gas prices. In addition, increased emissions in highly-populated areas continue to lead to poor air quality, directly impacting the health of local residents and the environment as a whole. If you're looking for a better way to travel around your major city, switching to an electric bicycle alberta ca may be the perfect solution.

The Convenience of a Bike in a Powered Vehicle

Bicycles are small and have the ability to travel on narrower paths, allowing them to bypass traffic jams and utilize shortcuts. Many cities have designated bike lanes and local police are vigilant in enforcing the law by keeping cars out of the way of these specially assigned routes. With less congestion and the added power boost of an attached motor, traveling by e-bike may actually be a faster option for many commuters.

A Little Extra Exercise

An electric bicycle still allows the rider to power forward by using the pedals. However, the engine is available as an added boost and can help make the trek uphill or over long distances much less effortful. Using an e-bike will still help you get some extra exercise. It's a great option for those who want to get to work on time without having to change clothes from working up a sweat on the ride in.

Rechargeable Energy-Efficient Batteries

E-bike motors are powered by rechargeable electric batteries. This clean energy source helps reduce pollution and recharges quickly. How much you'll get out of one charge depends on the type of bike you use and the way you ride, but the average spans from 25 to 75 miles per charge. The great news is, a depleted battery won't leave you stranded. 

If you live in a big city, consider switching to an electric bicycle. You could save time, money and energy while reducing stress and improving your health.

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