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The 4 Areas on Your Car You Should Always Keep Clean

Keeping the outside of your vehicle clean is an important part of securing your investment. It is also necessary for protecting the safety of not only you as a driver but also any passengers. You likely have a cleaning routine, but are you sure that it is keeping all of the important areas of your ride neat and tidy? Here are four spots that need attention each time you clean your vehicle.


The body of your car or truck takes the bulk of the damage from the elements on a day-to-day basis. Bugs and other debris can be hard to avoid. These types of things to your car and can destroy your paint. Over time, this damage can cause your car's body to rust, which can create a much bigger problem down the road.


This area rides closest to the road and is most likely to soak up all the dirt and oil left behind by other drivers. Keeping the undercarriage clean can protect the delicate components that make your vehicle run. This is an area often overlooked by both amateurs and professional detailers so be sure to double-check it.


Clean hubcaps and tires can really make your car or truck stand out, but that’s not the only reason to make sure that these areas receive your attention. Removing the grime protects your brakes, keeping both you and your passengers safe. Every time you use a full-service car wash West Melbourne FL, make sure that your wheels are attended to.


No one wants to look out of dirty windows, but looking out of a dirty windshield is even worse. This can easily cause an accident if you don't have a clear view of the road. Make sure that your windows shine and that they are streak-free.

Taking the time to make sure each of these four areas is clean is certain to keep your car looking great. It will also help keep your passengers, yourself and everyone else on the road just a little safer.  

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