Changing unemployment rates; changes in how people work, educate, and travel; and new technology are just some of the things that factor into how the insurance industry does business each year. Here's what you are likely to see in auto insurance Peoria AZ in 2021 and beyond.

Possibility of More Discounts

Unemployment rates are still high, which means fewer people are able to pay their insurance premiums. As agencies work to maintain their current client bases, they are looking toward solutions focused on providing discounts to new and current clients alike. Another focus is on usage-based insurance, as some people are using their vehicles much less than they used to.

Turning To Digitization

An increasing number of consumers prefer working with insurance agencies that provide online tools to help them manage their policies. Industry leaders must do more than simply allow online payments on the website, though. Many people desire to make changes on the go, which means agencies need to implement mobile apps that provide information, accept payments, allow for policy changes when possible, and directly connect to text- or phone-based support as needed.

Focus on Personalization

Though nobody knew it at the time, COVID-19 changed the world in March 2020, and many of those changes will stick long after the pandemic is part of the past. Many consumers find they prefer driving less in favor of working from home or even homeschooling their children. This means that in addition to usage-based coverage for auto insurance clients, agencies are seeing an impact on how home and commercial real estate needs must be met. Every customer is different and policies must be flexible enough to meet a wider variety of needs from now on.

Whether you drive every day or once a week, work from home, or own an office building, two things are certain: you still need insurance coverage and you still need to work with reputable agencies. Look for licensed agencies that provide the type of insurance you need, have a proven history of excellent service, and are willing to show you how they're changing their policies to meet your changing needs. 

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